We are all actors - 26th of May


Diogene Cultural Association applied for a Democracy Needs Imagination grant, but the We are all actors project was not selected. Although it will not be funded, the project could still be partially implemented. Any interests in rethinking/ supporting/ implementing/ promoting …?

Project description (parts of the initial proposal):
To counter the low elections turnout of Romanians, the project wants to rebrand the elections and the behavior of voting as something understandable by any citizen and socially desirable by encouraging people to participate and cast their vote on the 26th of May 2019.
To easily connect citizens with the spirit of democracy, we will “remind” the people of their city, how Timisoara has become the starting point of the 1989 revolution against the totalitarian communist regime in Romania, how life risks being in the absence of democracy and what we can do to avoid losing our rights. This will be accomplished by theatrical performances addressing the themes of dictatorship, revolution, the fight of the communist resistance movement, followed by after talks and debates with actors and partners.
Some actions related to We are all actors were started at Timotion (see album). We could still organise at least one CivicTalk related to the participation to the 26th of May elections.
Photo: Dana Do


Heei, csf ncsf :slight_smile:
Si noi la Edgeryders am aplicat cu un proiect in acelasi apel, cu implementare dupa euro-parlamentare si am primit tot un raspuns negativ. Finantarile European Cultural Foundation se pare ca sunt mereu foarte competitive,

Mai caut oportunitati si dau de veste <3
Felicitari pentru Timotion, si sper ca va multumeste si AEP pentru demers (si consultanta gratuita)!